Kazaky - Dance And Change

by Raj Rudolph

Oh hell to the yes.  Those stunning boys in high heels who can dance better than Beyonce are back!  Kazaky serve up another steaming hot helping of fabulous fierce in their brand new music video for “Dance And Change” which will have you dripping in sweet sweat on the dancefloor.

I was almost afraid this track wasn’t gonna have a vocal – but rest assured it does!  I’m not a fan of instrumentals at all and I was ever-so-happy when Kazaky’s husky voices kicked in on this one.  Yes, Kazaky are all about the show and the amazing moves, but it’s good to see them marking their territory on the dance music scene.

I’ll say it again – please Madonna (or do we call you MDNA these days), you really should hire Kazaky to be your backing dancers on your upcoming world tour.  The would look hot in your next “Vogue” or “Express Yourself” re-invention.  Truth – that’s not a dare…