Wow. When I first wrote about “Panic” by Xuman back in October of last year, I honestly thought that it was one of those electro-disco songs that had the potential to be a HUGE hit across the globe.  Having just seen the official music video that was sent over by team Xuman – I’m throughly convinced that “Panic” has what it takes to be one of the world’s biggest crossover dance hits since “Groovejet (If This Aint Love)” by Spiller featuring Sophie Ellis-Bextor.  

I had a chance to catch up with Xuman for quick chat about “Panic” and this is what he had to say…

What is the inspiration behind “Panic” ?
Xuman: Earlier I was DJing a lot and was into electronic music. And then I decided to go further and tried to make something with live instruments – bass, guitar etc. That what really was inspiring me.  It was a breaking point for me as a songwriter and a musician, I was doing the main vocal part for the first time in my life.

Is Russia the new Sweden in terms of pop music?
There are bands like Tesla Boy and Pompeya… They are from new generation of Russian indie bands who make good pop music. In general the Russian pop scene is something awful right now, but we grew up listening to foreign musicians and now we don’t really see any geographical or cultural borders.  There is a label called Xuman Records which is going to let the world know about good Russian bands.  So in some way we can say that Russia could be a NEW Sweden in pop music in the nearest future.

What has been the reaction to “Panic” thus far…
Well, there were many blogs writing about “Panic”. And at our gigs in Russia we can feel the reaction of the audience to the song. That’s 100% joy.

The video is something to talk about as well – it’s kinda creepy crazy cool in a “The Strangers” meets Gareth Gates “Sunshine” sorta way…seriously…just watch the video…