It's another hot EQ exclusive for you. Check out the brand new video for "Dirty Love" from rising star Chris Salvatore.  Some of you may recognize Chris Salvatore as one of our MySpace Discovories back in May and as one of the hot actors in the movie Eating Out 3.  With a bit of acting under his belt, Chris now has his sights set on fun electro-pop with the release of his new "Dirty Love" EP and you can be the first to watch the title cut right here, right now!  

The verdict?  I love this song.  It's insanely catchy and the video is pretty racy – who knew Chris was into the all girl-on-girl action?!  Seriously though, I've been enjoying Chris Salvatore's EP for quite some time now and I really enjoy the punchy Kelly Clarkson feel to some of the tracks with "Broke Another Heart" being my absolute favourite.  I highly suggest you check out Chris Salvatore's "Dirty Love" EP on iTunes and enjoy the steamy video right here on EQ.

More Chris Salvatore on his official website.