If you're fucked up and you know it clap your hands! 

We got something quite cool, a little creepy and very exclusive for you today EQs.  Watch the brand new video for The Dirty Disco's new single "White Room" which sees frontman Adam K. getting all committed…and not in the loved-up way I might add! 

"White Room" continues The Dirty Disco's reign of power punk pop tracks following the recent positive exposure they received from their last single "Sista!"The Dirty Disco are also garnering kudos from their festival performances and it seems that the band is most certainly on their way up.  I quite prefer The Dirty Disco's more intelligent and electronic sound to Semi Precious Weapons any day.

I caught up with Adam and Olly of The Dirty Disco yesterday to find out exactly what all this "White Room" scariness was all about…

What is the video about? / What's the insipiration?
Adam: I wrote the lyrics just as I was getting over a really shitty phase of black, blue and turd brown. And after the ever-so-efficient NHS insisted I needed to spend a few hours in a “White Room” many moons ago. I didn’t want to write a self-pitying song. Sometimes you need to laugh at yourself to get out of the state of mind that has engulfed you. The video is tongue-in-cheek galore and I believe that music and an exaggeration of a stereotype are both fantastic ways of creating awareness.

Any fun stories about shooting the video?
Olly:  Having our faces taped up for half of the day wasn't so fun, but me and Kyle did get to throw Adam Boy around a lot in his straight jacket, almost flooring him several times!  And he couldn't retaliate in the straight jacket!  Not having to look pretty for most of the video was great too, our make up and hair was done by Julius Goosen, who has done The Mighty Boosh and he did a fantastic job of making us look unhinged!

What should people do after watching "White Room"
Adam:  Crack one off if you're that way inclined or if you have already done that today then check out, where I have pledged to help end mental health discrimination through my art, along with Stephen Fry, Ruby Wax, Frank Bruno and many other people that have been affected by mental health problems.