LXD Promo 1

We’ve got another great exclusive video for you dear EQ readers. 

Check out LexiconDon and their new music video to “Student Body” which features, well some rather young girls dressing and dancing somewhat inappropriately for their age, but hey it’s all good clean fun I guess.  I’ve definitely seen a lot worse at concerts by Britney Spears and The Spice Girls that’s for sure.  But getting back to LexiconDon, as soon as I heard “Student Body” I fell in love with it’s rather groovetastic vocals and synths – it’s the kinda of track that makes you wanna curl your lip whenever lead singer Alex Koons croons the world “GIRRRLLL”. 

If you like the video to “Student Body”, make sure to check out LexiconDon on Facebook and you can score your FREE DOWNLOAD of “Student Body” right here.