Ysan Roche

By Mandy Rogers

Buckle up EQ’s we are in for an epic adventure. Colour ourselves in eccentricized mode with
all the trappings of a Lynch thriller. “The Frocky Horror Show” or "Twin Freaks"?  I’m not settled
on a pet title, but what I am settled on, is what you are shortly about to view, falls into the category of one of the most out of there videos that I’ve
possibly ever seen on EQ.

The sound and visions behind this creative wonder come from
a globetrotting Romanian artist, Ysan Roche who has since settled herself in
New York. Absorbing her multi cultural upbringing, Ysan writes her own
rule for free expression, releasing it through the modes of media, dance and in

When it all comes together on the bass-gasmic pleasure zone
of UK debut “Bass Gun”, via production by Yoad Nevo (Pet Shop Boys, Goldfrapp,
Girls Aloud
) it drops like Madonna’s provocative "Erotica" alter-ego Dita
revealing her inner Uma Thurman.

Get ready for the Kapow’s and an artist who doesn’t
let mainstream sell get in the way of her visions. 


Ysan is to appear amongst the headliners at the “Unhinged
Electric Brixton Club  - London, November 23rd