by Raj Rudolph

I am just going to be honest here. Die Antwoord scare the fucking shit out of me.  Like more than Freddy Kruger movies do.  Exhibit A above – do I need to explain further? 

Anywho, they have a new track called "I Fink U Freeky" and again with the honesty here…I quite like it.  If I close my eyes and DON'T WATCH the music video – it's actually quite the JAM.  I would even play this in my DJ sets.  And when they go as far as making a nod to The Movement's "Jump Motherfucker Jump" techno track of 1992 (that was my jam as well), well lets just say it's nothing short of pure audio genius.

Mind you, I won't go anywhere near these two freeky deeksters, but when I play this record, I'll think of pink unicorns and Care Bears shooting stars, rainbows and cupcakes out of their bellies so that I won't have nightmares conjuring up images of the official music video – Exhibit B below.

Don't watch – you've been warned.