by Javi Lopez

OKAY. As we all know, Lana Del Rey premiered her video for “Carmen” – Which to be honest, is one of my favorites off of her album.  But is the video a favorite?  Let’s discuss.

“Carmen” is chock full of photoshoot footage and old videos that Lana liked and found on YouTube (a woman trying to jump into a pool in fugly undies. REALLY THO) Lana, you’re beautiful, most likely a star, you have the money and the big machine backing but…this video is nothing but recycled odd footage you wrapped together and called it a music video to “Carmen“.

I really like Lana being all vintage styled – all 70s and 80s but Carmen is TOO much – is like if she’s trying too hard to keep that vintage image of hers which isn’t really hitting the mark with contempoaray music lovers.


As a Lana fan, the video really insulted me in every single way.  Let’s just hope “Summertime Sadness” which is going to premiere next month, changes everything.  Watch Carmen video below.