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I have been waiting and waiting for Archeo's debut single and the day has finally arrived! 

The music video for "Mr. General" just launched and it's positively amazing!  Packing a mega punch with loads of pizazz and spunk, you'll be hard pressed to get this catchy track out of your head.

I caught up with Archeo to discuss "Mr General" and this is what the rising pop maestro had to say about his poptastic new single…

"I’ve always felt like the underdog, and I want to be sure that my first little release is a boastful and assertive record such as “Mr. General”. With a cheap music software, I developed a bass line over which I started riffing on about this ‘Mr. General’ character and how he should simply back off.

I think it came from a frustration of what was expected of me, conflicting with my ambitions in life as an artist. In the end, I hope you that you can find some sense in the chaos of it all. If it raises your eyebrow, or if it just gets you off your seat…then job done."