This scene right here where Ana Matronic, armed with only her samurai sword, gets swarmed with killer sushi is what made me jump out of my chair and scream “OMG – FABULOUS!!!”.  If it were me, I’d be on my knees with my mouth wide open drooling – “give it to me baby”.

“Any Which Way” by Scissor Sisters is definitely my favorite song off the “Night Work” album and I’m so effing happy they made a video that was equally as brilliant and entertaining.  I think this video totally encapsulates the amazing transformation that all four of the Scissors Sisters have gone through with this album – it really showcases and doesn’t compromise everything they stand for. They look like The Super Friends running to save the world at end…a comparison most fitting.

Now, if they release an amazing video to “Sex And Violence” I might just cum in my underwear…