Alicia Gatto has a new electro video to her track “Jaded Girl”.  I really like it – it’s kinda a “back alley meets Confessions On A Dancefloor” sorta effort.  And really – that whole type of music, vibe and imaging could stay around in my opinion. 

I asked Alicia how she was inspired to create such a visually appealing video to “Jaded Girl” and this is what she had to say:

“I am obsessed with the late sixties and seventies, more so the energy on the streets then.  But what I had in mind is interpreting what people thought was “modern”, “stark” and “futuristic” at that time and recreating that stylistically.  I live vicariously through fantasies of the energy of the people and the movements of the hipsters of that time.  They were excited about the art and innovation that was all around them, as I am now, but I don’t see that all around me.  And if I do, it comes from a new generation superficialism that is money driven and contrived.  So I just daydream in that timeframe around those interesting people and this is how they inspired me.  That’s how Jaded Girl was born.”

Watch it.  Love it.