#7: "Talk About Body" by MEN

Perhaps the most indie of all the albums released this year, but whenever I see MEN take to the stage or hear the beginning of "Simultaneously", I instantly get goosebumps.  A lot of people know that I'm a bit of gay rights activist and I truly believe that as a band, MEN represent everything I feel about politics put into ingenius song and lyricism.  The band themselves are truly brave and forward-thinking and behind the indie lo-fi synths and guitars, exists a pop band so unique, they set the bar for any band who wish to incorporate a LGBT message into their music.  MEN are not interested in the hype, but more concerened with creating art that spreads their cause, yet still remaining achingly uber cool via tracks like "Off Our Backs", "Credit Card Babie$" and "Who Am To Feel So Free".  As Sia once described them to me, seeing MEN live is like a reglious experience.

Talk About Body - MEN