#6: "Voyage" by The Sound Of Arrows

Stefan and Oscar from The Sound Of Arrows have created something amazingly spectacular in their debut album "Voyage" which we had been awaiting a LONG time for.  "Voyage" is an exploration into an incredible soundscape of emotional and inspiring electronica that will live on for years to come and is WAY ahead of it's time.  A must own piece of inspring and imaginative art created by two of pop's most notable music makers right now.  Every single they put out from this project is pure "M.A.G.I.C".  If you haven't heard tracks like "Into The Clouds", "Wonders", "My Shadow", "Ruins Of Rome" and my favorite, "Nova", well then you haven't really listened to music at all this year.  Just sayin.

EQ Interview with The Sound Of Arrows

Voyage (Bonus Track Version) - The Sound of Arrows