#2: "Shattered Ice" by Adam Tyler

Working on the inaugural EQ Music Tour with mega hot new pop talent Adam Tyler this year was by FAR one of those memorable experiences of my life.  What made it even more special was that his album "Shattered Ice" was a dream of an electronic pop effort which culminated from the hard work Adam Tyler put in over his entire life leading up to the moment of the release.  With amazing pop songs like "Emergency", "Forgive Me", "I Won't Let You Go" and new single "Like A Drug" being so damn infectious and addictive, it's was a no brainer for me to put this album near the top of our EQ list for 2011.  If you think I'm up to bit of favouritism this year, you're 100% wrong.  You probably haven't heard "Shattered Ice" yet either, which means you wouldn't quite understand what you've been missing out on this year – an amazing mainstream flavoured electronic pop record that radiates radio-friendly exuberance and dance-floor saavy, still riding on the cusp of pop greatness.

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Shattered Ice - Adam Tyler