#12: "Up All Night" by One Direction

I can't help it. I really heart One Direction.  I don't really think they can sing all that well when placed in high pressure live environments, but nothing like that is going to stop these five young lads from taking over the world.  I've NEVER seen the rise of one boyband be so meteoric in my life.  Before their lead single "What Makes You Beautiful" even was released the boys were already selling out concert tours and so many sync deals on TV that the music just seemed to secondary – I was unimpressed.  But the boys are quite obviously being used to make money and that really isn't their fault, however they made it up to the music world by releasing "Up All Night" which boasted some amazing pop crackers like "Gotta Be You", "Save You Tonight", title track "Up All Night" and electronic pop future effort "Everything About You".  Expect these kids to be as big as NKOTB – quite possibily.  Simon Cowell got it right with these ones.

Up All Night (Yearbook Edition) - One Direction