It's rather boombastic isn't it!  

I'm sure "Judas" will have all the fundamentalists getting all hot and bothered with the line "Jesus is my virtue, but Judas is the demon I cling to."  I really love it that Lady Gaga is pushing the religous boundaries lately with her new work.  It's kinda of a middle finger salute to those right-wing Republican suits and soccer moms telling us all how to live our lives and that we all need to be like them.  

In some strange weird way too, when I listen to this song, it really brings me back to that famous line in Depeche Mode's "Strangelove" that goes "I give in, to sin, because you have to make this life liveable."   And I mean seriously, aint it the truth?  You can't always be perfect, you can't always live to please others, you can't always be expected to live up to other people's principles.  Sometimes you just have to be yourself, warts and all, covered in sin and shame to make it through this weird world we were born into.  I know – it's a bit of a random rant and all, but once again Lady Gaga strikes a chord with me and pushes the button.

And as far as the video goes – you know she's gonna set a convent on fire – GASP!

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