by Raj Rudolph

If there is one thing about Madonna, she certainly knows how to reinvent herself.  And in this case with her brand new video for "Girl Gone Wild" that just hit the web, the Material Girl not only reinvents herself, but she reinvents herself in HER OWN IMAGE which ultimatelyis a homage to herself.  Not too many artists can pull that off these days. Madonna does it with ease.

There are so many shades of Madonna in this new video.  There's the dancing from "Vogue", there's the sheer raw sexiness of "Erotica", there's the bondage of "Human Nature", there's the black and white naughtiness of "Justify My Love", there's the cigarette smoking "Bad Girl", there's the industrial stench of "Express Yourself", the "Act Of Contrition" opening and there's even the mascara run of "The Fame Monster" (yes cheeky)…I could go on…

But what really impresses me most about Madonna after all these years is her ability to recognize a trend, exploit it and make it commercial.  Enter Kazaky.  The Eastern European dancing boys in heels have been garnering so much attention lately with their fierce moves and striking presence and Madonna was very smart to listen to the Kazaky fans (myself included) and cast them in her new music video.  In the end, she ended up reinventing her own "Truth Or Dare" with this video by having Kazaky as her wingmen.

All-in-all the only way I can sum all this up:  FUCKING FIERCE.

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