Well it's rather good isn't it?! 

I have to say, I've never felt so uncool when I was stuck on the train this morning when "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga premiered earlier than planned and everyone on Twitter was going on about it and I couldn't get a decent wifi signal to save my life.  LOSER.

Anywho – Yes, I love it.  It does have subtle hints of Madonna's "Express Yourself" especially with the cowbell thingys at the end, but I wouldn't call it a complete rip off.  If I hear anything, it's definitely the synthy bassline of "When Love Takes Over" by Kelly Rowland and David Guetta.  But what makes this song special is the rather gaytastic lyrics.

"It doesn't matter if you love him or captial HIM". 

"Don't be a drag, just be a QUEEN".

Genius.  It's a big gay anthem and it will be interesting to see how all the remixers will treat it once they are sent the parts in a few hours.  I hear Starsmith is working something up too which kinda makes me excited.  I'm quite positive this will shoot to the top of the iTunes chart when it's unleashed shortly for download. 

My final word on all this madness.  "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga is fun, energetic and epic with a small "E".  Something tells me though this lead single is NOT the pinnacle of the new album, I'm still rather excited for what's to come.

Now…I can only wonder when Lady Gaga will spring the video on us…