We’ve written about Los Angles-based indie band Clear Static before on Electroqueer – right around the time their sultry-electro track ‘Make Up Sex’ was making the rounds last year.  It remained a solid playlist selection on our iPods for quite some time and today we wondered "OK – these guys surely must have some new music coming out".  And as expected, they of course do.  So just in case, you haven’t heard of Clear Static – here’s a little refresher for you.

Musical threesome Tom Pederson, Rich Pederson and Jacob Shearer make up Clear Static and from the sounds of it, they have lost a few band members along the way, but that doesn’t really matter considering the quality of synth and electro rock they churn out.  What we love most about Clear Static is that they are one of the only bands that have the very distinguishable, yet very-hard-to-duplicate sound that Duran Duran birthed in the 80’s.  Tom Pederson’s voice is almost magical – as if he was time-warped from the era of music that celebrated glam and indulgence.  In taking a look at their influences on their MySpace (Cure, LCD Soundsystem, Depeche Mode, Roxy Music, Ima Robot, The Faint, Echo and the Bunnymen, Kraftwerk and Prince) you can only imagine the level of inspiration that they conjure up into their sound. 

We have excited anticipation in regards to their upcoming EP release of ‘Good To Know You’ which will be hitting stores in June and features their haunting new ballad ‘Wait For The Sun’.  To get a taste of Clear Static for yourselves, download their hot singles ‘Make Up Sex’ and ‘Out Of Control’ on their MySpace page.  And in true EQ style, you can even download their cover version of The Romantics ‘Talking In Your Sleep’ which is retro-tastic!