Y’know one of the great things about being a music blogger is that you are constantly being exposed to new music via word-of-mouth from the acts you write about.  Nathan Walters just happens to be the case in point today.  We first heard about Nathan Walters from Simon Curtis way back in January and we have to say – we have become very excited about Nathan’s music and his eminent album release which is just on the horizon.  Take one listen to Nathan’s tracks on his MySpace page and we think you will get just as excited as we are about him.

We caught up with Nathan recently for a chat – so sit back, relax and let Nathan Walters charm you into buying his album legally when it comes out!

Electroqueer:  Hey Nathan – thanks for taking the time to speak to us. So first off, tell us a little about yourself and your musical mission!

Nathan Walters:  Well…I live in Nashville currently, but I grew up in Florida. I come from a very musical family and was classically trained at the piano. At age 14 I wrote my first pop song and was hooked! I love to write music.  My mission is to make music that is inspiring and write lyrics that are thought provoking and offer encouragement to other who are really in need. 

EQ: How’s the new album coming along?

NW: The album is coming along great. I’m really excited that it’s almost finished. I’m producing it myself and it’s turned into a longer recording process than i originally planned. I find myself getting really picky and indecisive…maybe a little too much…but in the end it’s going to really great.

EQ: We love your track ‘Makes Me Love You’ – tell us a little about this song.

NW: This song was written while i was just playing around on a cheap keyboard at someone’s house trying to kill some time. It’s a fast song driven by a pulsating synths and electric guitars. The chorus is so simple. It just repeats ‘Makes Me Love You’, but i couldn’t get it out of my head and immediately recorded my melody ideas down on my cell phone. Later at my home studio I started building the track and finished the lyrics. The fact that God is in control of time and never leaves us alone, inspired me to sing about how that makes me feel. Funny thing is, most people who hear the song always think it a song about a girl. oh well  =)

EQ: Your wife Inna and your family are obviously huge supporters of what you do – how much of an inspiration did they provide on this record?

NW:  They both have been really supportive. I think having that encouragement behind me has fuel the confidence to really "go for it" in the music biz.

EQ: Word on the street says you used to be in a boyband…what’s the story there?  Any hilarious boyband stories that you want to let us in on?

NW: Yeah…i used to be a in a band called Plus One. We were signed to Atlantic/143 Records. We started out as a boyband but over time morphed into a rock band.  I’ve got lots of stories…..which one should i tell……ok there was this girl who came through our autograph line and asked if we would sign her leg. We said "yeah", so she took it off and laid it on the table. it was a prosthetic leg!

EQ:  What music are you listening to at the moment?  Give EQ readers a few download recommendations! 

NW:  Currently i’ve been listening to Imogen Heap, The Killers, Hellogoodbye, Telepopmusik, Billie Holiday and iTunes Radio =)  I would really recommend downloading Telepopmuzik. I love their sound of live strings with programming. Very inspiring!

EQ: ‘Romance You’ is absolutely beautiful, it kinda brings a tear to our eye when we listen to it  – how did you come up with this song?

NW: This song was written and demoed in 3 days. I was so inspired to write this song, because it was a surprise for a girl I had met just a month before. I would jokingly make up little songs for her on the phone, but secretly would write down a few of the lyrics here and there which would later be used in ‘Romance You’. After i demoed it, i flew out to see her and to meet her family. I showed her the song. She cried and married me.

EQ:  If there were 3 songs by other artists you wish you could have written, what would they be?

NW:  Hmmm…..hard to narrow down…but here’s what pops in my head…..’Here in your Arms’ by Hellogoodbye, ‘Boadicea’ by Enya, and ‘Place in this World’ by Michael W. Smith.

EQ:  What’s your opinion on the American music scene right now?  Are you embracing the marriage between music and technology these days?

NW:  I think the music scene is America is producing a lot of great music these days. Although i wish American radio would play a little more electronica based music.   I’m trying to embrace the marriage between music and technology.  I cringe thinking about others illegally copying and downloading my music, especially after putting so many hours and money into recording it. 

EQ:  OK we ask everyone this…so don’t panic!  What’s your definition of the word Electroqueer?  We know, it’s a weird question. 

NW:  Ha! Yes….that is weird question…what a combination of words!!! I don’t know exactly what it means but it definitely gets everyone’s attention!  Why don’t you point me in the right direction!

Thanks Nathan for answering our questions and we’d like to point you to a few of the lovely EQ Fold artists in our banner above.  Now that’s Electroqueer!  We’ll keep EQ readers posted on the release of Nathan’s album when it’s ready for EQ consumption…but in the meantime, please check out his MySpace and his website to get a flavour for what this rising artist is bringing to the table.