EQ first got in touch with UK grime group Yo Video about their track "Fool" – it's a heartfelt but down-to-earth rap track with fierce lyrics and a pretty strong chorus. Along with its video, "Fool" is a reminder that not everything in the pop world is shiny and glamourous – and it's a bloody good job, too, otherwise tracks like this wouldn't exist. 

You can see the video to "Fool" here, but it turned out that the band were ready to show us something new. Their new track, "Bad Tonight", shows the same biting wordskills that are familiar from "Fool", but shows off a pretty awesome melody, too. It also features the South London MC and producer Dot Rotten. Watch the brand new video here, and read on to check out our interview with Russo below.

How would you describe your sound to new listeners? 
It's a mixture of urban, electro and indie music… Whatever we make I'd like to think cannot be boxed in.

How is it starting out in music now? From your perspective, what is the UK music scene like for new bands today? 
It's what you make it I guess, but to be honest we don't give enough love to our own. 

We love Yo Video's track "Fool". What’s the story behind it? 
It's about when you are tired of being with a man who just wont change. It's not a man-hating song, I'm just being honest.

The video to "Fool" is full of graffiti, CCTV and barbed wire. What does that environment mean to you and how is it important for your music?
The video is real to my life – it's what I see, it's who I am. Maybe one day I can do a video on a sunny island but that's not the motive of the song, or the album.

You’ve been in the studio writing recently – can you tell us about some of your new tracks?
Me and Yo Video bounce off each other all the time, and the album is a collection of our time and experiences together.

So what are your plans for this year? Album is due early next year, with gigs and performances to follow.
Keep your eyes open for more of my work. Other projects with Yo Video are coming soon, too.

And what would you like to say to EQ’s readers?
Close your eyes and listen.