Madison and Hannah Sanders backstage at EY last Friday – photo by Lubert Baz

Ever since Madison's last performance at EQ @ Underbelly in March, he's received quite a bit of interest from the electronic music community here in London.  Madison made an appearance at The Ultrasonics album launch in conjunction with EY on Friday (dueting on "Squeeze") and he even has an upcoming show at North London's Bedsitland coming up in May.

We finally got the footage back from the last EQ night and I thought it would be fun to share with you his last performance – which features his songs "Iconic", "Collision" and even his cover of The Killers "Human". I love Madison's live cover of the song – his softer vocals bring out the sensitive side to the lyrics.

If you aren't familiar with Madison, you can check out his MySpace.  EQ has been covering him for a few years now and can't stress to you how relevant he is to electronic music.  Become a Madison fan today!  Madison will also be hosting the May 29th EQ @ Underbelly show in Hoxton Square and will be planning a few surprises of course!

EQ @ Underbelly – Madison from EQ Video on Vimeo.