Hey EQs.  As much as I'd like to drop everything and give you some commentary on the new Lady Gaga video to "Paparazzi" today, I am finding that there is just too much to do in preparation for tonight's EQ @ Underbelly show in Hoxton Square tonight.  So instead, go read MuuMuse's commentary on the video right now instead – it's quite good, even for a Gaga hater such as he is!

I do hope to see some of you at the EQ show tonight though!  DJ Adamix and I really are excited for tonight as it's one of our best line-ups ever we reckon!  To give you a little insight into some of the things that go into putting on a blogshow such as EQ @ Underbelly, here are some little bits for you…

  • Temposhark will be doing a 30 minute special set tonight and make sure you listen out for their new single "The World Does Not Revolve Around You" – it's a pop treasure!
  • Gia Mellish's aeroplane had a little muck-up and we were slightly scared she wouldn't make it tonight…but she should be rolling into venue right at 8pm – so if you're early, you may even get to see her soundcheck!  Aeroplane issues seem to be a re-occuring theme for our euro-continental artists who make the trek to peform at EQ (ie: As In RebekkaMaria)
  • Sam Taylor's set is completley fresh and new – it won't be a repeat of March's set, so if you're a fan, make sure you your ass down there….psst – he is singing "Communication" tonight…I'm very excited.
  • Nelson Clemente made it to London safe and sound last night and we went out for drinks and dinner last night.  He's quite excited to perform for you – he even had a little pre-show dress rehearsal in South Africa to an audience of women who cried when he sang.  Awww bless!
  • Boyde's set is going to be AMAZING.  I got the tracks through a few days ago and they are brand new to my ears and it's sounding especially out-of-this-world.  He's singing a song called "Bastard" – PUNCHY!
  • Miss Lynsey is working up a special Lady Gaga-esque performance tonight which I'm really looking foward to.  She's been working up some tracks lately which are fierce!  I've heard her setlist for tonight too and it's gonna be pop-o-tronic madness!
  • The special EQ mix A Crowd Electric will be spinning tonight is HOT.  The boys will be offering up the mix as a special download for everyone post-show and it's really quite special.  I can't wait for you EQs to hear it.

That's it – Tonight is the night.  You've been paid.  Come and releive that end of month stress with us at EQ @ Underbelly tonight! 

To tide you over for now until I return to regular blogging – you might enjoy this new video for "Pearls Dream" by Bat For Lashes – I love it.

Puss puss.