Temposhark : Threads

Temposhark's new album "Threads" is making the rounds right now and I couldn't have popped it into my computer fast enough – I was that excited.  Over the last six months, we've heard snappy new tracks in the way of "The World Does Not Revolve Around You", "Bye Bye Baby" and latest single "Threads" seeing the London band take a more mainstream pop approach to their music.  For fans of their epic first album, the deep and hard-hitting "The Invisible Line", I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how pop Temposhark play out in the new contemporary.  The band have most certainly evolved and have come to master the art of executing big pop melodies and infectious hooks.  As "The Invisible Line" was more of rebellious and slightly alternative collection, "Threads" encompases a more softer side to their music – making it more commercial and somewhat more accessible for listeners who may have been reluctant to fully embrace early classic Temposhark tracks like "Joy" and "Knock Me Out".

Standout tracks on "Threads" for me (aside from the aforementioned lead singles) are "Stuck" which is even a tad RnB pop influenced, something I think lead singer Rob Diament probably wouldn't have imagined when initially setting out to write and record these new tracks.  "Green Lights" is quite simply a gorgeous and uplifting tale of personal freedom and escape – it's one of those songs that is so syncable that I can definitely imagine it getting picked up for numerous TV and movie spots – many of the tracks are already being played out on various MTV reality shows.  Opening track "Irresistible" is an instant catchy little number with big horns and big vocals that will make you devilishly grin.  Closing number "The Last Time I Saw Matthew" is a poignant and compelling song – albeit a bit sad, but a tale of lost and tortured love.

It's hard to imagine that a band like Temposhark could actually get any better, but with "Threads" they have most certainly weaved their way into my earscape as standout pop pioneers and their poster is still firmly tacked up on my wall.  It will be a long time before I stop waxing fantastic about them.  What Robert Diament and producer Sean McGhee have created here is nothing short of a mini-masterpiece, one of the finest pop albums of 2010.

"Threads" is released on April 25th through independent label Paper & Glue.