It was just about two years ago that I first heard about Nathan Walters and the music that he was working on for his debut solo album "Escape".  Hearing his tracks "Makes Me Love You" and the epic "Romance You" on his MySpace page really was the writing on the wall for me – "Escape" was going to be an excellent, quite possibly, an epic pop record.

"Escape" was digitally released on December 19th and it's one of those records that you have to spend a fair amount of time with.  Not in the fact that it has to grow on you, but rather that it's a rich pop record with different layers of meaning and interpretation.  There is no question that Nathan Walters is deeply in love with his wife and that theme is hugely prevalent throughout this deeply romantic piece of work.  A highlight upon first listen is the song "Love Me" – with it's beautiful strings, haunting beats and angsty lyrics – just one example of the stellar production on this album.

In contrast though, after viewing Nathan's EPK, you quickly learn that a few of the songs on the record have a religious undertone as well with Nathan intertwining these observations ever so elegantly into his music.  This may not sit well for some, but when you listen to the record, especially songs like "Universe", you kind of have to put all that aside and applaud Nathan for being the talented musician that he truly is.  This record could have been sung by Take That and would have been critically acclaimed in another parallel universe – no doubt about that.  The double-meanings make this record that much more enjoyable as you can listen to it from various points of views and mindsets.

The final song on the album "Romance You" is definitely the most beautiful song on the record and was my favourite when I first heard the early versions of it online.  It's an epic song, glorious in it's execution and wildly passionate at heart.  Nathan wrote this song for his wife Inna and you can really get a feel for the level of commitment the two have for each other – it's very Romeo and Juliet.  EQ interviewed Nathan in June 2007 and he talked quite candidly about "Romance You" and it's conception – it's definitely worth a read.  

In summary, "Escape" is already one of my favourite records of 2009 and the year hasn't even begun yet.  If you're a fan of talented singer/songwriters who pour more than their just their heart and soul into their music, then Nathan Walters record "Escape" will leave you overcome with pure satisfaction.

You can download "Escape" right now on Nathan Walters - Escape