by Will-W.

La Roux is taking the UK by storm with back-to-back chart-topping hits "In for the Kill" and "Bulletproof" already having reached #2 and #1 respectively.  The duo which consists of androgynous-looking vocalist Elly Jackson and producer Ben Langmaid, is currently signed to Polydor Records in the UK and Interscope/Cherrytree Records in North America.  In recent months, the online community has been in a frenzy with feverish buzz from all the right tastemakers.  Asides from their clean and clutter-free synthpop backdrops, La Roux's trademark perhaps is Jackson's distinctive soprano.  Admittedly, I found her vocals about as pleasant as listening to a VCR being removed from styro foam padding at first, but after giving the duo's self-titled debut a full listen, I now overlook this seemingly impossible nuisance.

The material on La Roux is strong, with no real weak spots on the album.  The melodies are well-crafted and on the whole, all 11 tracks flow seamlessly into the each other in what could be considered a Master's Class in sequencing.  The album version of hit "In for the Kill" features a bridge not heard on its radio edit, wisely giving fans a reason to actually buy the album.  "Tigerlily" is bold and it is reassuring to know that Jackson can deliver a pleasant vocal outside of her head voice.  "Bulletproof" is dangerously catchy with a well-crafted chorus that takes the song to high gear.  Placed back-to-back late in the album are the familiar sounding "As If By Magic" and "Fascination", not to be confused with other well-known hits of the same name; both are single-worthy.

If one were to draw a comparison, one might say that La Roux perhaps, are The Eurythmics for this generation.  At the same time, they have a unique sound that speaks to the hearts of those who appreciate a good romp on the dance floor to ABC, early Depeche Mode, The Human League, Erasure and The Pet Shop Boys.  There is definitely merit behind all the hype with this duo whom are headed to North America next month after a successful launch in their home market.  Don't forget to check their Facebook Fan Page for a list of La Roux's tour dates.