I know, I know. 

Well if you're of a certain age, you'll get a good laugh out of today's retro rewind on EQ.  Back in 1991 – this guy was the shit.  Before Ricky Martin, before Enrique Iglesias, there was Gerardo.  The quintessential Latin lover of the early 90s – he was most noted for being a cheeky chappy with the ladies and usually sporting an open-chest in a Miami Vice jacket with bits of his trousers missing – see example above.  You may even recognize him from the classic 80's flick called "Can't Buy Me Love" – which, by the way, is a staple in my DVD collection.

And why the fuck am I writing about him today?  We'll I've been having a bit of a rewind on YouTube today (mostly watching old Tina Turner vids) and came across his classic video to "Rico Suave" and well – it made me laugh – at it's time, it was all sorts of Young MC / Milli Vanilli / C + C Music Factory / Paula Abdul brilliance.  And, I 'm not ashamed to say that I own this guys big breakthrough CD "Mo Ritmo" – I feel like a kid again now listening to this.  Brilliant – someone should nu-retro this shit up pronto.