OK, it was the hair that made us swoon. We were curious to find out what the heck happened to Michael Damian the other day, as we used to listen to his album ‘Where Do We Go From Here’ over and over again in our youth.

Come to find out, he’s starred as Joseph in a rendition of ‘Joseph And The Amazing Techincolor Dreamcoat’ and more recently, put out a Christmas album. Not exactly the makings of EQ coolness, but none the less, his tracks ‘Rock On’ and ‘Cover Of Love’ are worthy of an EQ Retro Rewind today, so here they are, dug up from YouTube. Enjoy.

Rock On

Cover Of Love

Doesn’t ‘Rock On’ still sound fresh! Download it – and play it LOUD. And if you really want to take a trip down Retrotastic Lane, go and rent ‘Dream A Little Dream’ starring The Coreys. Ahhh, now that takes us back!