Wham Press Shot 2

by Raj Rudolph

For the past few weeks, I’ve been immensely enjoying re-living my 80s wonder years via the incredible  greatest hits collection of “Wham: The Final” which will be re-released on CD and DVD by Sony Music very soon. 

“Wham: The Final” is the duo’s most definitive collection of hits and highlights the days when pop music was fun, light-hearted, cool and sexy through pop rompers like “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go”, “Freedom”, “Club Tropicana” and “I’m Your Man“.  These were songs that defined my youth and are the sole reason I wear a CHOOSE LIFE t-shirt all the time.  I recently wore my infamous CHOOSE LIFE t-shirt to a music interview and one of the publicists FREAKED OUT when he saw me wearing it…turns out, he was one of Wham’s managers back in the day and couldn’t believe that the t-shirts were making a comeback in fashion!

Anywho – if you are one of our younger readers and need to get a gift for mom or dad, rest assured a physical CD or DVD of “Wham: The Final” will make a most excellent stocking stuffer complete with iconic holiday song “Last Christmas”.  Or, if you’re one of grown-up readers, well I highly suggest you add this album download to your music collection.  If there ever was one greatest hits album that I would own, it would for damn sure be “Wham: The Final”. 

The Final - Wham!