Singapore has a superstar DJ/Producer in its sights. MMXJ is the artist name of (MJ Kuok). His tracks and live performances are receiving a huge response in Asia. What is more than interesting to note, is that he studied both in the UK and USA but has chosen to return to Singapore to initially make a name for himself. Which he has been doing with great success. The high profile accolades just keep coming. His track “Kings” claimed the #1 position on Spotify’s Viral 50 Chart for 3 consecutive weeks while he also provided the official anthem “Young Hearts” for Singapore’s National TV Broadcast of the 2016 Olympics. Today I have the pleasure of introducing MMXJ to the readers of EQ Music Blog as we have the premiere of new single “Memories” featuring Singaporean singer/instrumentalist SIDNE.

You might be expecting a self-taught Asian musician to dabble with K-pop but not MMXJ, he’s leaving that to BTS who are already on their own trajectory to take over the world. The DJ/Producer has other influences and inspirations. His stylistic thinking is very Westernised. He aspires to be the next Alesso, Zedd or Martin Garrix. Above all else, he prefers uplifting EDM beats peppered with melodic intricacies and lyrical storytelling.

“Life is short, and it should be about creating great memories with those you love. This is what inspired us to write Memories,”

comments MMXJ.

The pairing, take us far away from the dark and miserable gloom of a winters day in the UK. The accompanying music video is a lovely way to share a wonderful experience, cherishing special moments in life and taking in the beauty of the world around us. Travel and vacations make for the biggest adventures for many of us. Stunning scenery, pristine white sands and crystal blue waters are a salve for detoxing from the grind of daily life routines. And there isn’t any spectacle as majestic than witnessing a dolphin, gracefully take a leap out of its watery world. It is definitely one of those encounters you’ll never forget. Thanks to MMXJ, SIDNE and their film crew we don’t have to imagine what this would be like.

MMXJ has seen his star rise in his homeland, tearing up at Singapore’s leading electronic festival ZoukOut and the Warehouse Project in Jakarta. It is time for the rest of the world to now catch on.

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