East London duo Night Ride is taking their sound into futuristic disco territory, with a moody take on dark pop meshing poignant synth melodies, with theatre, fashion, technology and art. Their new single “Lay You Down” definitely strives for a genuine retro sound, citing Grimes, CHVRCHES, GusGus, and Paramore among its influences.

As electronic-pop newcomers, Night Ride is at the beginning of their exciting journey but what they are achieving in their debut sounds as though the synth revolution from around 30 years ago is still very much alive and well. Consider it a flashback to 80’s synth music, of timeless-spaceless retro sounds, while keeping a toe in the present by embracing the modern electro scene.

In a recent interview with Vents Magazine, the duo speak insightfully about the inspiration behind “Lay You Down”, vocalist, Chris Lee comments “I wrote this track after hearing one of my friends moaning about their relationship for the hundredth time. I just got sick of it, it was as if they couldn’t see what good they had right there in front of them. I’ve never really had a proper romantic relationship, so I used to compare myself to this person all the time and tell myself I’m not good enough. So the song is about laying that person aside, out of mind and focusing on myself.” (Read the full interview HERE)

Recorded by acclaimed producer Adrian Hall (Goldfrapp, The Black Eyed Peas, Depeche Mode), the track introduces Night Ride’s discreetly theatrical forward-looking blend of delightful sonics and haunting vocal, fueled with minimalism and dark intensity. A mood which is followed-up in the Toby Thomas directed music video premiering here on EQ today.

Set among the flicking neon lights of London’s Soho district, the vibrant clip appropriately translates Night Ride’s pop art aesthetic. Together with the exhilarating, style of synth-pop it gives a good insight of what to expect from the up and coming duo.

It’s heartening to see a credible electronic outfit of this ilk beginning to make some impact with a bold, effort like “Lay You Down“, I think we need more of it at the moment.

Night Ride will headline Proud Camden on 7th December 2017 (details HERE)

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