Lovestarrs 2

Photo: Marc Sethi

Formerly known as The Good Natured and reborn as the Lovestarrs, Sarah, Hamish and George opened up a new chapter of sonic strewn independent pop verse with the slightly psychedelically hooky, indie pop natured debut tune “Get Your Sexy On“, not so long ago.

The current track itself has since been lyrically feeding our perceptions with suggestively flirtatious and spicy imaginings of a coupling settled into the first flush of romance. Whereupon, that tentative moment of animal instinct bubbles into being for one of the party, who succumbs to forwardly initiating that they get their sexy on together. Quite to the taken surprise and (delight surely) of the other.

Having fed our mind with this sweet and saucy narrative, it is now given the Lovestarrs full red blooded and sweetly lovey dovey workout of being accompanied by a visual.

In it we see Sarah cast in the key role of an overseeing mystic match-maker with a shock of dyed pink hair and glam punk make-up. Presumably sent to us from planet Lovestarr, she finds herself placed within everyday courtship scenarios, her presence alone when catching sight of furtive glances between potential love-matches, is enough to confetti cannon the start of a new companionship.

Le Sigh, it’s all about the look of love!

In particular, one look you should especially keep an eye on is Sarah’s gorgeously glammed-up doll face, for an ever so cute play on the Lovestarrs name itself.

She’s a modern day good fairy if you will, albeit a fuchsia pink haired sporting one. How do we suppose her goods deeds might be rewarded? We’re not telling.

Kick back, tune in and ultimately Get Your Sexy On, via this universally outreaching transmission from planet Lovestarr.