Billy Cullum

Photo: Gareth Gatrell

Billy Cullum has already pathed quite a career in music for himself, but not as you’d most likely expect to hear about on the pages of an electronic pop music blog like ourselves.

For quite some time the London based emerging artist has forged a successful name for himself in the surroundings of a theatrical background, treading the boards in the famed theatre homeland of Drury Lane. Whilst, garnering roles in hit musicals like “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “Matilda”, “RENT” and “Jesus Christ Superstar”.

Yet Billy has always harboured a keen passion to pursue music down another avenue to this. This being the arena of pop and all that it ensues.

Who would you go to for steerage in achieving your pop ambitions? Well in the case of Billy Cullum and his new track “Friends” which receives its premiere here with us today. It lies with producer Alex Bakker and co-writer, in one Andrew Armstrong of electronic-pop duo Monarchy.

Serving as the first taster to Billy’s forthcoming debut album “Lonely Hearts Club”. The arrival of “Friends” takes a universally relatable theme onboard. That of celebration and all of that an emotional journey a good friendship can work out and come through together.

Everyone’s got to have their rock right? Billy’s “Friends” is the core of that.

Billy Cullum’s take on pop is more on the lines of the alternative thinking. Eclectic and brewed in emotion. Which noting his normal day job, is wholly understandable of that.

We do hear the pop voice peeking out from the arrangement of strings and cinematically placed electronics and Billy’s self-assured performance is nothing but purely driven of sentiment and feeling. These being, the emotional states which translate themselves into the framework of the choreographed video with some fluidity.

Billy Cullum, may not be your normal kind a pop star, in the sense of seeking out a mainstream route. His music has definitely got some wholly endearing qualities within it though, that should not be discounted.

Billy’s journey in pop music making has only, but all just started and it’s seeing him onto the road of artistry that should be paid attention too.