Ekkoes 1

Formerly known as Echoes, and as we are unsure of the real reason, we are assuming that the London based electronic strewn trio have seen fit to re-brand themselves as Ekkoes, since let’s face it, in actioning, this move has the power to be productively much more google search friendly.

Our recent introduction to the band came via the synth-tilating Depeche Mode / New Order galvanised gripping anthem “Fight The Feeling” which demonstrated the three-pieces adept skills behind the keys, behind the mics and overall precision presentation of spit and polished sheen of production.

Before the sophomore single arrives with us, the trio have laid down their own finely intricate interpretation upon one of their favourite recent tracks, Lorde’s “Team”.

EQ readers especially might pick up on a similarly relatable synth and vocal alignment to that of Bim, whilst those not so familiar to all things Bim, will find themselves equally charmed by this immaculately crystalline rendition.

This quality piece of haunting electronica from Ekkoes comes issued as a FREE DOWNLOAD and it really is a track worth having, since it is laced with dazzling synth gilded layers betwixt an expansively dramatic vocal directive.

I’ll be honest I believe what Ekkoes have put out is not only resplendently stunning it is also one of the best track interpretations, that I’ve heard of to date, this year.

FREE DOWNLOAD: “Team” (Lorde Cover) by Ekkoes