It is astonishing to think, Isaiah Pittman V (aka IP5) has been professionally performing and recording since age four. At twenty-one, he’s met many achievements that some better-known performers can only marvel at. Which in his younger years include, performing for former US President and First Lady – Barack and Michelle Obama. Isaiah has also performed at the Gary, Indiana Memorial for Michael Jackson, singing MJ’s debut release “Got To Be There,” where he instantly gained recognition as the only performer to receive a standing ovation. Sure, these are a lot of facts to feed into our brains but wow, just wow, indicates what an exciting childhood he has had. However, with his school days now behind him, it is time to gear up and move forward, getting to releasing his own songs. And so, the relaunch begins, on an upbeat note with “Us We” as remixed by Arganorts, receiving its exclusive premiere here on EQ Music Blog.

“The track is about two people living in the moment. Enjoying what’s right in front of them and leaving everything else to the side. Its called “Us, We” to signify that its just ‘Us’ two and ‘We’ can do whatever we like…and the thought is that whatever we like is gonna get pretty sexual.” – Isaiah Pittman V (aka IP5)

I warmed to the vibe of the Arganorts mix of this track. It is frenetic and electrifying. With energy bursting from its seams. The track is a tantalising marker of the upcoming album project “Unfinished Business.” The fast pace of this treatment is impressively matched by IP5’s speedy vocal delivery. Isaiah’s sing-rap style is the slickest and is what stood out to me the most. He has swagger teamed with a confident performance. A skill set made ready by an exciting emerging artist, doing the prep before taking the music world by storm!

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