Some songs slow burn their way into our consciousness, while other tracks don’t take nearly as long to work their magic on us. Ultimately when an artist sends in a track to a music publication like our electronic-pop orientated music blog. The hope is that we might click with it, in an instant. Each day as I work my way through the pile of submissions sent into me, I too, am always hopeful of stumbling on a track where I feel this kind of spontaneous connection. This being said, I know what I like and what I do not. Gem of a track “r u rly sorry?” by the indie-pop artist/songwriter, Jules, worked its charm on me at once.

At a little over two minutes in length. This track is short but nonetheless sweet as a bowlful of candy. Jules and her team who have worked on the song (David Bone and Camron Wroblewski) have been very clever in the way they have made an impact, so quickly. The track is spoonfed with catchy melodic hooks. Which in turn have the excellent ability to be able to lock into our brains with infectious, inescapable, ease. The song is a narrative about someone who has been let down and isn’t quite sure the other person’s apology is authentic. As life will have taught most of us, building up trust again after being hurt doesn’t come easy, it takes lots of careful consideration and work. “r u rly sorry?” is Jules stating her case, while pondering which way she should move forward.

Jules wrote her very first song aged eight years old and has never looked back. At twenty-one years old she has found her niche style, authentic pop. Blessed with an abundance of talent and an ear for sonic experimentation, the fleeting but delightful effort “r u rly sorry?” is a very special taste of her forthcoming EP.

Connect with Jules
Twitter: @sheisjules