When looking for soothing, mellow electronic beats in my music library, I know exactly, who will see me right on this account. I immediately, think of Skip, Nick and Tudor, aka Welsh haze-pop trio XY&O. As with regard to their style in music. I’ve come to learn, the band found their niche in their earliest of days. They like to keep all things chill. Have been unwavering in this dreamy style while never, not continuing to exude elegance and sophistication. They are the ‘fine-wine’ of the dream-pop genre. However, unlike a very good bottle of red, their songs deserve more than being brought out only for special occasions. (Dear readers, you should consider, every day a special occasion when XY&O peep up on your playlists.) Today we have two extra reasons to celebrate this distinctive, electronic-pop band. The release of the latest single “Like a Promise” and commencing their UK tour (details here).

XY&O facilitate sonically alluring soundscapes. This soft focused style is a salve for, warding off stresses, demons and the gnarly bits of life drama. I like to think of their songs as acting in a rather similar fashion, likened to that of a dreamcatcher. Only good vibes can pass through to us listeners, while the bad stuff is filtered away by gleaming production, synths and Skip’s soulfully calming vocals.

Of the song…

Like A Promise” is about the shock of a relationship break-up when you didn’t see it coming”, says vocalist Skip Curtis, “When it comes like a bolt-out-of-the-blue and a numbing mix of despair and confusion wrap themselves around your every thought. It’s basically just a sad song.”

The trio is wonderfully accomplished in what they do, they can make even the saddest of moments sound, so good that they lift us back up again with their endearingly soothing melodies. “Like A Promise” goes deeper, more meaningful, dripping with class and soul; and should be seen as a step in the direction of intelligent dance music.

They have reminded us of the healing power of music.

Connect with XY&O
Facebook: https://facebook.com/xyando
Twitter: @XYandOmusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xyando