You might well remember 2016 as the year X Factor UK gave us the likes of Saara Aalto and Honey G, because of the media circus created around them. If I were to give your memory a further prod, another alumna from the Class of 2016 which is also likely to spring to mind is the Glaswegian singer, Emily Middlemas. Her stint on the show was festooned with highlights, including a highly original take on Britany’s “Toxic”. Soul-stirring interpretations of One Direction hit, “What Makes You Beautiful” and Radiohead signature song “Creep“, along with a goosebump-inducing reimagining of the Whitney Houston classic “How Will I Know.” Times are changing for Emily. She is now armed with a hot new look, a fresh music mindset, completing her overhaul with a name change to ili. A five-track EP from the singer is incoming. It is called “Changes.” We are thrilled to share an exclusive, first listen of the title track on EQ Music Blog, today.

When ili recently announced these changes, she really meant every word. Her sweet, former X-Factor semi-finalist self has transformed, into an edgy, and cooler, music artist. Who is ready to move forward on a whole new footing by releasing bold pop songs which strike a balance between thoughtful artistry and addictive, melodic vibes. Beautifully crafted songs wrapped in a modern sensibility, align her as a challenger to charting female singers. At the forefront of my mind after listening through “Changes” ili gives a striking vocal resemblance to Zara Larsson.

Of the track “Changes” ili elaborates…

“I sometimes put myself in the shoes of others with writing songs. In this case, it was one of my best friends. She was going through a really tough relationship that I believe no woman or man should ever go through. When I really, got into writing “Changes“, I found that it wasn’t just about the one topic. I really took my passion for everything I believe in, woman rights, LGBTQ rights, human rights, EVERYTHING and put it all into this song. The meaning of this song, to me, is cutting out and moving on from all the toxic in your life and start to really focus on yourself. We are all unique, and we really should embrace that. I’m extremely, lucky and thankful I can create music to connect with so many people. If I change even just one person’s life with my music to be their self and be confident in their own skin, I will be, so happy. There are big changes to be made in the world, and we can all start now by simply, just being kinder to another!”

Along with her opening gambit “A Little Bit“, “Changes” is setting ili on a course that already has the thrilling sensation, promising a taste of chart glory. Whatever lies ahead, the potential in just these two songs is vast. My early predictions for ili, are that commercial success which will open up a prolific, career in pop. Either way, be ready for ili, I firmly believe she is on the ascent.

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