What a fabulous introduction to singer MARi Burelle, this infectiously catchy re-imagining of Deniece Williams classic “Let’s Hear It for the Boy” is. Those of a certain age, are sure to remember this track, as it appeared on the official soundtrack to the feature film “Footloose” and is still very much regarded as a dance, club classic. Native New Yorker MARi Burelle is just the right person to give the song a new lease of life. She is a fun-loving individual and a larger-than-life performer, whose vivacious spirit has a special way of touching everyone around her. And justifiably, she brings a new splash of colour to this to the song.

“I’ve always loved this legendary hit and am beyond excited to cover it. I am all for woman empowerment, but wanted to take a moment to celebrate our boys all over the world by updating this fabulous classic with a modern twist.” – MARi

MARi’s take on the track is bubbly and uplifting. There are no half measures where she is concerned. Why pour on a little bit of glitz, when you can have way more fun going the extra mile, pouring some more on. This is how MARi makes her fashion choices. She loves fashion. In fact, there are no rules in her book, nothing is off-limits. I’ll take a punt, that perhaps, flamboyance might even be her middle name. Jokes aside, her ostentatious style is reminiscent of Cyndi Lauper back in the day of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” MARi’s here to celebrate the boys only, and she equally puts on a show of solidarity, and empowerment in the super fun (in more ways than one,) vividly, bright music video premiering with us today.

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