Nathan Sykes

Since his part being one fifth of one of the most successful boy bands this millennia. We have seen Nathan Sykes formerly of The Wanted strikeout to re-establish himself as a solo artist.

Far removed from anything he achieved when going down the full-on pop route with The Wanted, we have seen through the release of a diversified clutch of singles “Kiss Me Quick”, “Over And Over Again” and most recently “Give It Up” that Nathan has totally broken free from the boy band tag and show himself to be a very commanding vocal talent and solo performer in his own right.

Would we ever fore go the chance to catch-up with him? The answer to that is no! Since watching Nathan develop as a new artist is turning out to be a page by page turner, designed of fascinating evolution of an artist who had so many of these musical strengths now coming to light when tucked away in a boy band set-up.

We’ve been keen as, to find out more about Nathan Sykes the solo artiste and where he is headed, so we snapped up our chance to obtain as much information as we could by putting some questions to him straight after Nathan finished up his set at British Summer Time festival.

Actually this experience was kind of sweet pay-off to ourselves as well, because we once interviewed The Wanted and unfortunately it never made it to the pages of EQ because tragedy struck soon after we scored our prized interview. Our iPhone died. It literally drowned in our work bag as unknown to us the bottle top of our Evian had worked its way loose. And just like that in a watery filled backpack our interview evaporated. We were left fuming!

Nothing so unfortunate was to strike us at the British Summer Time festival though, we left no chances of that happening again!

We engaged ourselves with a pleasant catch-up session with Nathan and he told us things like how he was finding being a solo performer as opposed to being in a band. Thoughts behind his artistic direction. What’s coming up in the next 6 months and the truth behind filming that steamy “Give It Up” video, because we’re kinda cheeky like that!