You will not have seen Jack Vandervelde appear here on EQ Music before. This is because the young American is only now bringing his music over to the UK.

When we heard Jack’s latest single “Trouble”, we knew we had to do more than just review it. And also having heard that Jack was supporting Aston Merrygold on his UK tour dates, the idea came up that we should just jump right in and go meet up with Jack for chat and allow him to give his own introduction!

Jack has been working with some amazing British producers and songwriters going forward into the release of his debut EP. His soulfully pleasing style lends well to the pop and singer/songwriters arenas and we found it to have oodles of mass of appeal.

You’ll have just heard Jack’s catchy diddy “Trouble” softly playing in the background in our on-the-spot interview above. Here’s a high-quality audio stream so that you can really burn the peppy tune into your brains.