Photo: Olivia Richardson

Pretty much from the minute that we first heard “Small Talk” by EKKAH, we became won over as instant fans of the London based duo.

The whole disco-funk ambience within EKKAH’s music is a sound so appealing that you just cannot fight off its overpowering allure and “Small Talk” the track which kicked started our new found fascination with the duo certainly has an abundance of that.

We guess what it really all boils down to with regards to EKKAH though, is that these ladies are filling our Roisin Murphy, disco-shaped hole with all that same kinds of excite which Roisin’s “Overpowered” era had us once firmly under its spell of glittery dancefloor appeal.

We love EKKAH for bringing us back up to these kind of disco tinged, future-funk heights, with their recent singles “Small Talk” and “Space Between Us”. So we wanted to get to know more of the duo and find out their own perspective of where their music emanates from, in a creatively speaking sense.

We were able to do just that back stage at the British Summer Time festival, where the ladies entertained the crowds to their dazzling showcase of dancefloor funked-up grooviness.