Angi3 1

We were so coloured excited upon hearing Angi3’s (formerly of Menya) new track “Damage” the other week, that we could hardly contain ourselves in waiting to see what ideas the rising starlet had knitted together for a video.

Damage” which foretells the tale of wandering off course and making a stupid mistake within a relationship to the resulting cost of losing everything, is a situation that could just flare up foolishly without real bad intention for any of us, and we imagined that Angi3 would portray this quite creatively rather than just as another recount style video formatted as a lovers tiff.

In truth I hardly want to give too much away upon what goes on within this video and allow you to enjoy it for yourselves as much as I did, but I will divulge that, first yes: it is in playback, second yes: it deals with devastation and third yes: throughout all the chaos Angi3 totally owns it looking so de-lovely.

Do we really think Angi3 could have been that naughty when she looks so sweetly and above suspicion down the lense at us?

Great track and even greater video FACT!