In every way sensational, dance pop artist Irina Shapiro is fitting as a golden Goddess – right from her long flowing sun kissed locks, to out and filling the world with her supercharged club suited tunes.

Achieving the feat of securing a top 40 placing on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart with debut release “Something About You”, Russian born Irina really has proved already that she owns the measure of what it takes to go up against the ranks of the genre’s leading ladies.

In continuation of Irina’s impressive previous successes the radiantly stunning pop artist returns with “Believe” the shiny new single offering, and boy does Irina have a visually magnificent video to go alongside the brightly positive personality conveyed by this buoyantly executed track.

Irina takes her lovely self off to a sandy setting out in the mid-day sun, where she pretty much werks the camera with her model toned gorgeousness and whereby she is joined by a bunch of fun-loving folks up for a bit of a bop with her, after they have provided an additional splash of colour into the visual equation with the throwing of the Holi powders, that is!

When all said and done, we are right behind IrinaBelieve(ing)” that this new single release is again prime to circulate some heated club play action.