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Born in Paris and raised in London, Francine is a 26 year old singer / songwriter with a unique voice, and an ear for melody. A graduate of The BRIT School (whose alumni boasts the likes of Amy Winehouse, Adele, Leona Lewis and Jessie J), her multi-octave range and commanding stage presence were honed by getting onstage wherever she could in London. “I knocked on doors and finally, when I was 17, I managed to get a 10 minute set at the Jazz Café in Camden. I never looked back.”

With her voice as her primary instrument, Francine possesses a love for vocal layering and harmony that she carries into her songs. “I grew up in a busy house with four older brothers, where Motown and Nigerian highlife music were playing constantly, so I have always loved melody and harmony.” Weaving powerful vocals with cinematic strings, her music is sometimes anthemic and sometimes haunting, creating a contemporary yet nostalgic sound.

Whilst music has always been her passion, Francine also has an undying love for words. After graduating from The BRIT school, she attended Cambridge University (the first BRIT student ever to attend) and studied English Literature. “I loved it. I read lots of books, sang in three bands, and it’s gorgeous; very green and romantic.” Inspired by books, including Ovid’s Metamorphoses (“one of the most disturbing and beautiful things you’ll ever read”), her lyrics explore themes of love and tragedy, myths and legends, sex and power, seen through the lens of a self-proclaimed “statuesque sharp-tongued princess”.

Having performed sets in prestigious London venues (“I’ve covered all of Shoreditch – twice”) and across Europe, including France, Stockholm and Barcelona, Francine has developed an international fanbase, charmed by creativity that extends itself to film and fashion (she directed and edited her debut video, and style influences can be seen directly at her blog

Francine is featured on the new dance single ‘Crying on the Dancefloor’, by Australian pop band Parralox, and is currently recording her debut album in London.