Flo Rida – whatevs.

Eminem – so yesterday.

Lazee's jam with Neverstore "Hold On" is one hot urban track that I just can't stop listening to these days.  It's just pop perfection.  We had a few questions for Lazee and he gave us a few answers.  Imagine that!

Check out "Hold On" on YouTube now – it's the jam and I have no shame in pluggin it.  You should like, dig it too…

EQ: What is the inspiration behind "Hold On?"
Lazee: "Hold On" is for everyone in the world who is going through hard times and struggling to know that if they hold on, one day everything will be alright.
How did you come to find Neverstore and why was he the perfect choice for the song?
The group Neverstore were signed to Sony which I was at the time and I was a big fan off their music so I've always wanted to do collaboration with them. I just didn't know what sort of song until I heard the hook they laid for "Hold On" and I thought – this is it.
You tackle quite a few genres in the song: Are all these genres ones that you like: urban, electronic, indie/emo?
I listen to anything really. As long as it’s good music, I appreciate it. Whether it’s urban, house, electronic etc. I am a fan of good music.
What's next for Lazee?
Next for Lazee would be taking it worldwide. I am fortunate to be able to spread my music in the U.K, Japan, France, the world,  so the sky is the limit…