Vince is such a lovely guy.  To celebrate the release of the "Confusion Girl" video, he took some time out of his hectic schedule to answer a mini Q&A for us about the video.  Don't forget that "Confusion Girl" is officially out on July 12th so make sure you pick up a copy!

EQ: Hi Vince – your new video to "Confusion Girl" is amazing – your best video to date.  Are you pleased with how it turned out?
Frankmusik: It was a pretty mad concept to get my head around. There seemed to be like loads going on in the treatment but I like to try my hand at most things so I thought this would be a good video to try some crazy stuff on. Like jumping around the roofs of cars and lamp posts!
Did you blow the video budget with all those special effects?  I was a little worried that you might have had to actually be your own stunt double – as you know, walking in front of buses and stepping on builders heads is a really dangerous activity to engage in – health & safety you know…
Nope I did it all myself. I wrapped myself around a lamp post at one point and nearly but a railing through my foot!
You do realise that you're probably the "most envied" straight man in all of Britain with you getting to snog Holly Valance and all.  Spill the beans – is she a good kisser?  How many takes of the kiss scene did you have to film?
There were six takes all together and each one went as well as the last. I feel sorry for the poor woman having to snog me! [Laughs] Nevermind. She wont have to do that again!
Why did you choose "Confusion Girl" as the next single? 
I wanted to put a song out that wasn't as crazy as some of my other tracks. So I went for something a bit slower and steadier in pace.
You must be floating on cloud nine right now with all this attention to your music and with "Confusion Girl" coming out in July – what's it like living in the world of Frankmusik right now?..
Its cool. I have just come back form holiday in LA and I'm just happy in my studio doing remixes and stuff at the moment!