As always we had a most excellent time at EQ Live last night and I just want to thank everyone who came along on a TUESDAY night and opted to come out and see The Good Natured and Bim at new Hoxton venue – The Workshop.  You have to admit – it was more cooler than staying home and watching re-runs of Friends now wasn’t it?  The Workshop promo guru Omar most certainly pointed that out to me.

The Good Natured’s act has changed so much since the last time I saw her and it was really cool to see her perform some of her newer tracks like “Red Skin”, “Sleep In Dust” and the crowd-exciting single “Your Body Is A Machine”.  I scored a signed vinyl single too last night and you should all be very jealous.  Bim drew in a great crowd with people coming all the way from, well – a long ways from London to see them perform songs from their debut album “Scatterheart” – which is now available on iTunes as of today (download it below). 

I should also say apologies to the crowd-goers last night if you noticed that “One Touch” by Mini Viva, “Kickstarts” by Example and “Get Outta My Way” by Kylie were <gasp> played twice…  My laptop died in the middle of my set so I had to switch to my iPod playlist halfway through – shit happens, I couldn’t even live tweet after that – but hey, the music was still good and you can never get too much of Kylie’s new shiz anyways right?!…  I did get tsk tsk’d by DJ Adamix for not having a proper backup and that is really why I leave the real proper DJ’ing to him – the mix he played of Lady Gaga’s “Boys Boys Boys” and Hurts “Better Than Love” was, well – fucking fantastic if I must be blunt.  You can view my full playlist after the jump too…

All-in-all a fun night and thanks to the music lovers, pop bloggers, artists, parental units, sexy mofos and generally good-looking people with really cool hair that showed up to support us at The Workshop.  Even thanks to the manager who scolded me afterwards about the load-in door snafu – I’m sincerley sorry and you can spank my behind…I can take it. 

EQ Live is taking a break in August but we’ll be back in September – bigger and buffer than Bim’s stand-in bassist last night.  Did you see him?! 



EQ Pre-show Playlist

Chemistry: The Bang Bang Club
London Is Bangin: Disco Damage
Saturday: Basshunter
Heart Of Stone: The Good Natured
Dancing On My Own: Robyn
Fembot: Robyn
Kickstarts: Example
Done The Dirty: Ali Love
Woohoo – Christina Aguilera
Fashion: Grum
Any Which Way: Scissor Sisters
Get Outta My Way: Kylie
Fell In Love With An Android: Simon Curtis
We No Speak Americano: Yolanda Be Cool & D-Cup
Annie You Save Me (Cicada Remix): Graffiti6
Candy: Agrro Santos ft. Kimberly Wyatt
Heat Wave: Alphabeat
White Room: The Dirty Disco
Call 911: Florrie
Rocket: Goldfrapp
Monster: Lady Gaga
Love Rush: Locnville
One Touch: Mini Viva
Credit Card Babie$: MEN
Self Control: Sunday Girl
Down In LA: Munk
Head Over Heels: Bim
A New Word To Say: Bright Light Bright Light
Clap Your Hands (Diplo Remix): Sia