All photos by Eddie Blagbrough – visit his official website

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Hello EQs – we just got some lovely photos in from EQ Live on March 12th as taken by the talented Eddie Blagbrough so we thought it would be a good time to recap the night for you in case you missed out or were too busy watching the UK Eurovision entries sing their hearts out on the BBC.

The Bang Bang Club took to the stage at 9:45pm and gave us a fantastic four song set which included their new single "Chemistry" which will be coming out in May.  I asked lead singer John Pritchard if it really is the Scissor Sisters' Jake Shears singing on the single and funnily enough – it isn't.  Just a happy accident that the vocalist sounds uncannily like Jake Shears given that the two are mates!  John also reminds me a bit of a young, foppish Hugh Grant and if you don't believe me – check out his Facebook.  Watch out for their song "Plants And Animals" too – it's one of my favourites that I'll be talking more and more about from their upcoming EP.


Johnny Lazer – I totally wasn't expecting him to have a Scottish accent at all, but there you go!  Johnny's twenty minute set totally got the crowd riled up and aside from having his own live drums, there were lots of lazer lights shining brightly all over his outfit and stage decor.  Johnny's sound is loud and proud and he really is a superstar in the making – he's brining the Billy Idol back to electro-pop!  Highlights for me included his track "Bad Boyfriend" and the Japan-tastic track "Take My Picture" – and if by coincidence, pal Japayork showed up to the show as well and I hear the two are even working on a collaboration together – now that just looks and sounds more hot than hot.


Graffiti6 gave us a special acoustic set which included their new single "Stone In My Heart" and my favourite track of theirs – "Stare Into The Sun".  Once the guys took to the stage, I kept hearing the same phrase being uttered over and over again by the crowd - "wow – that guy is hot!".  Yes, lead singer Jamie Scott is quite the looker (well all our performers are really..) and Graffiti6 had the rowdy crowd mesmerized with their lush set which brought a different, but super enjoyable vibe to the night.  If you haven't seen their funny viral video yet for "Stone In My Heart" – make sure you check it out – it's hilarious.  I'm looking forward to catching the guys full live show at the Vibe Bar this month.


Disco Damage were on fire as our special guest DJs on the night.  Bringing a stomping heavy electro-set to the crowd, the hot duo totally made my evening when they played a dance version of "Every Breath You Take" by The Police – it was amazing!  Laura from Disco Damage was also on double duty on the night as she is also Johnny Lazer's drummer – and Sam Sparro's drummer for that matter – girl is just talented!  Disco Damage will be releasing an EP very soon and have just signed to Kinetica Records so watch out for that!  I'm especially in love with their track "London Is Bangin".


DJ Adamix– well as you know, he's my hero.  Rightly retaining his crown as "king of nu-retro", his closing DJ set included some well-known, pumped up nu-retro classic's including Madonna's "Like A Prayer" and Milli Vanilli's classic "Girl You Know It's True" which sounded amazing given the remake as done justice by Movetown. 

All in all – another fun EQ Live night at Bar Music Hall – the next EQ Live night is tentatively scheduled for April 23rd, but official news will go out as soon as it's all confirmed – make sure your a fan of EQ on Facebook to get the lowdown.  We are working up some fun surprises for you…