There's no point in me going on about how much I love the music of The Good Natured because most of you already know how high I hold her in my regard and I'm super excited to present her at EQ Live tonight at The Workshop.  It was almost two years ago that I first met Sarah McIntosh and her Yamaha keyboard at EQ Live (when our show was at a little gay bar in Soho) and ever since then – I've been mesmerized with every song she's produced.  Her music just really grabs me in ways that are hard to express.  She's like a Tori Amos for 2010 if you need an indicative.

Her new single "Your Body Is A Machine" is just MEGA.  It's out now on iTunes too so if you trust me and my recommendations, you need to make sure you own it.  You can also get a vinyl version of the single over on The Good Natured's MySpace which comes with a great selection of remixes too. While you're there, check out her tracks like "Red Skin" and "Sleep In Dust" and you'll be saying to yourself – "damn this girl IS the next big thing"…

If you're in London tonight – DO NOT miss this opportunity to see The Good Natured at EQ Live.

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